'Black Mirror Mirror off the wall, who is the pengest in the endz' VB...The proverbial magic mirrors of the past are here now and more flexible than ever.


The overwhelming sense of immersion created by VR headsets cannot be denied. Here at First Synapse, Holographic Technology is definitely the display that gets us excited.


When people think of Holographic Displays, they think of a 3-dimensional video that they can walk around in a circle and view level of every depth. Some products can simulate that to a degree. However, it is usually just 3 to 5 flat videos placed at specific angles, behind another set of transparent screens so one cannot `cross the line`. (In film terms, there is a concept called `crossing the line` or the `180-degree rule` which revolves around not breaking the immersion for the audience). These can be very enjoyable but at the scale that we have seen them, they are more of an upgrade to picture frames then technological competition for T.V. screens or VR headsets.


Another form of pseudo Holographics involve rotating strips of (LED) lights timed to flash to coincide with the desired frame rate. These are very effective in how a brain interprets the 3-Dimensional aspects, but quality does diminish the closer you get to it.


To date, the best Holographic technology we have found is the ‘Looking Glass Factory’ products. We have the Looking Glass 15.6'inch and this product is amazingly effective.


The way the Looking Glass 15.6’ works is by displaying 45+ separate videos at the same time that are visible to the human eye based on the degree you are looking at on screen.


To go back to the holographic expectations I spoke of earlier, the fact that the Looking Glass looks more like a conventional screen may cause some people to think it’s less impressive than the other examples. Saying this to say you can’t walk around it. However, the magic is in what can only be described as the fluidity. Imagine for a moment a 50-inch screen playing a video at 12 frames per second versus a 20-inch screen playing a video at 60 frames per second; this hologram is like the latter.


This is not a screen you walk around; it's more of a sit-down and look around. But the level of detail and the seamless `threading` of the videos as your perception changes 1 millimeter at a time creates such an immersive experience that sometimes it has to be explained. `Imagine this was a normal screen, you could not look round that corner...oh yeah! `


There is so much to be explored with these screens; check our first complete project: ‘Hardware, mixing it with Haptics’.


We have ordered the new smaller prototype Hologram from the same company (ironically presented as a futuristic photo frame), which should be arriving in April 2021. Expect an update on this part of the website when it arrives. Hopefully, one day, they respond to our request for their 8K screen (*fingers crossed).



Nintendo Switch

It's no secret that Nintendo is one of our favorite companies, let alone tech companies. So getting access to Nintendo Switch production software truly was the highest honor.


Seeing a virtual environment we had created for the first time on the switch was a personal milestone for all of us as well as a technical marvel. It's definitely true that the mystic involved with the brand somewhat ‘rose tints’ anything that it viewed inside. It’s also clear that it is the superior portable screen.


The next test is to create an example that makes use of the touch screen features.
Something is wrong with my touch screen...and I can't put my finger on it!
Development Nintendo Switch, Vive Pro, and Nintendo V.R. set up.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality also known as VR, is undeniably the most immersive digital experience available to date.


Using our Vive Pro, we have coded basic 3D environments with interactive objects. We’re sure Virtual Reality gaming will hit a crucial threshold at some point in the future. Currently, we are looking at VR as a way of asset creation and display.



Working on really tiny screens like the pybadge is fun. We hope to get our hands on some augmented reality/ AR hardware like the magic leap.



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